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Data Compromise + CyberOne

Protect your business from computer viruses, hackers, and data breaches with Data Compromise + CyberOne. Available as an add on to all General Liability policies, Data Compromise + CyberOne helps you respond to the financial burden and obligation of a cyber attack while helping you recover lost data and damages as a result of an attack.

Service Excellence

Expense Payments

Help pay for the costs related to a personal data breach, including notification, and costs to provide support services.

Protection From Lawsuits

Cover the costs associated with lawsuits resulting from an information breach, including defense, settlement, and judgement.

Data Breach Coverage

In the event of a cyber attack, help cover the cost associated with restoring software and recovering lost data.

Robust Coverage Limits

We provide more coverage than many industry standard options.


Access to our free online resource to help analyze your risks and respond to a potential loss. Our eRiskHub includes:

  • Incident response plan road map
  • Online training modules
  • Risk management tools
  • News center
  • Learning center
  • eRiskHub Resources
  • TechQ - a help desk for businesses, offering assistance for a wide range of technology issues including virus removal and troubleshooting internet connectivity issues